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The $50,000 Myth: Starting a Business in Ghana as a Diaspora Entrepreneur.

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By Kwame Okyere Darko
Confused about the $50,000 requirement for starting a business in Ghana? GDAAR Foundation clarifies the regulations and offers solutions for a seamless entrepreneurial journey.

Have you heard whispers of a $50,000 deposit required to start a business in Ghana? While this figure has circulated within the diaspora community, the reality is more nuanced. GDAAR Foundation is here to debunk the myth and guide you through the actual requirements for launching your venture in Ghana.

The $50,000 Misconception:

The $50,000 figure often stems from a misunderstanding of Ghana’s GIPC Act (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act). This Act does stipulate a minimum capital requirement for certain types of foreign businesses, but it’s not a blanket rule for all entrepreneurs.

Understanding the GIPC Act:

  • Who it applies to: The $50,000 minimum investment applies primarily to trading enterprises (businesses involved in the import and sale of goods).
  • Exemptions: Several business categories are exempt from this requirement, including those in manufacturing, services, agriculture, and export.
  • Joint Ventures: Foreigners partnering with Ghanaians may have lower capital requirements.

GDAAR Foundation’s Visa on Arrival (VOA) Program:

Even if your business falls under the GIPC Act, GDAAR Foundation’s exclusive VOA program can help you bypass the initial capital requirement. This streamlined process allows you to enter Ghana and establish your business without the upfront financial burden.

Navigating the Business Landscape in Ghana:

GDAAR Foundation is your trusted partner in navigating Ghana’s business environment. We offer comprehensive support services, including:

  • Legal Guidance: We clarify regulations, ensure compliance, and help you choose the right business structure.
  • Market Research: Gain insights into Ghana’s market landscape and identify lucrative opportunities.
  • Business Planning: Develop a solid plan to guide your venture towards success.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with local entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners.
  • Cultural Intelligence Training: Understand Ghanaian business etiquette and build strong relationships.

Join Our Mission:

We believe in empowering diasporans to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams in Ghana.

  • Volunteer Your Skills: We seek remote volunteers in administration, fundraising, project management, web development, and graphic design. Your expertise can make a real difference.
  • Donate to Our Cause: Support our GoFundMe campaign to help us provide essential services to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Don’t let misconceptions hold you back! With the right guidance and support, starting a business in Ghana is achievable. GDAAR Foundation is here to help you every step of the way.

Call to Action:

  • Learn More: Visit our website for comprehensive resources on starting a business in Ghana.
  • Volunteer: Share your skills and passion with our team.
  • Donate: Contribute to our GoFundMe campaign and empower diaspora entrepreneurs.

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