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Support the Ghana Diaspora: Donate to GDAAR Today 
Your donation to the Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation directly supports members of the Global and Ghana diaspora as they transition  to Ghanaian life. Help us provide essential resources, guidance, and community connections. Donate now and make a difference in the lives of returnees.

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The Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation: Supporting the Global Diaspora

The Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing advocacy, resources, and support to Diasporas living in Ghana, those relocating or visiting, and Ghanaians living abroad. Your membership fee, prime membership cost, and generous donations directly fund the following programs and initiatives:

  • Advocacy: GDAAR champions the rights and interests of the Global Diasporan community at local, community, and federal levels. This means fighting for equitable access to quality education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.
  • Resources: GDAAR delivers critical resources for its members to thrive personally and professionally. We offer social ventures and interventions, financial assistance, educational and training programs, and connections to mentors and vital community resources.
  • Support: GDAAR extends a helping hand to community members navigating challenges like discrimination, poverty, or trauma. This includes providing counseling and mental health services, job training and placement assistance, and connecting people to other support systems.

The membership subscription fee and donation are an important source of funding for GDAAR. These funds allow GDAAR to continue its work of advocating for, providing resources to, and supporting the Global diasporan .

In addition to the programs and initiatives listed above, GDAAR also uses its membership subscription fee and donation to cover the following expenses:

  • Administrative costs:These costs include salaries for staff, rent, and utilities.
  • Program development:These costs include research, planning, and implementation of new programs and initiatives.
  • Public relations:These costs include marketing and advertising, as well as outreach to the Global diasporan .

The membership subscription fee and donation are an important investment in the future of the Global diasporan. By supporting GDAAR, you are helping to ensure that Global Diasporan community members have the resources and support they need to succeed.

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