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The Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation helps members of the Global and  Ghana diasporas successfully transition  into the Ghanaian community. We offer tools, resources, and guidance to make your re-integration process seamless and rewarding.
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Transitional Support

Helping Diasporas transition to a new life

Ghana Diaspora Dialogue

Bridging the Diaspora, Strengthening Ghana

Ancestral Heritage Tours

Honor your ancestors, discover your roots.

Diaspora Investment and Innovation Forum

Empowering Diaspora Investors to Shape Ghana's Future

Visa on Arrival Service.

The GDAAR Foundation is pleased to offer a streamlined Visa on Arrival (VOA) program for eligible travelers. This program is designed to facilitate quick and easy entry into Ghana for those involved in the foundation’s work or affiliated with its programs.

GDAAR Foundation to Ghana Diaspora

Ghana Diaspora
The Ghana Diaspora is a long term event which is going to  improve in the several sections to make the nation more sustanable. We belief that our organisation will bring more development into health, education, environment Protection, Peace and Justice, employment and beutiness of our country. And our works will make our beloved Ghana more wise, health and wealthy.

We also belief that Ghana Diaspora will help to make it real and properly.

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We are here to help bridge the socio-cultural, spiritual, economic and legal hurdles of re-integration

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