Harnessing the Power of the Ghanaian Diaspora: The GDAAR Foundation

The Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between Global Diasporas ,  Ghanaians in the diaspora and their homeland. We empower Diasporans who are visiting, relocating, or already in Ghana to connect meaningfully and contribute to their nation’s development.

Our Mission:

  • Information and Resources: We provide crucial information on education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and community development in Ghana.
  • Networking Opportunities: We facilitate connections between Diasporans, relevant organizations, and stakeholders within Ghana.
  • Support and Advocacy: We champion the causes of the diaspora community and provide support when challenges arise.
  • Social Ventures & Interventions: We are passionate about supporting social ventures that uplift Ghanaian communities. Our initiatives include:
    • The Ghana Education Fund: Scholarships for high-achieving Ghanaian students.
    • The Ghana Health Fund: Financial aid for Ghanaians in need of medical care.
    • The Ghana Entrepreneurship Fund: Seed funding and loans for Ghanaian entrepreneurs.
    • The Ghana Community Development Fund: Funding for projects that positively impact communities.

The Impact

These social ventures and interventions create pathways to a better future for Ghanaians. They improve lives by expanding access to education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and strengthening communities.

Join Us in Building a Stronger Ghana

GDAAR’s commitment to the Ghanaian diaspora and the development of Ghana is unwavering. We’re continuously seeking innovative ways to make a difference, and your support will amplify our impact.

If you’re a donor, philanthropist, or simply interested in social justice, human rights, and Ghana’s progress, please consider supporting our work. Every donation empowers our social ventures and advances social interventions that change lives.

Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.


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