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Diaspora Investment and Innovation Forum

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Diaspora Investment and Innovation Forum

Diaspora Investment and Innovation Forum

One-day event in November, organized by Ghana Diaspora Advocacy and Resource (GDAAR) Foundation


To showcase Ghanaian businesses that require partnership to scale up
To create an opportunity for diaspora investors to invest and own businesses in Ghana
To promote innovation in Ghanaian businesses
Target audience:

Ghanaian businesses seeking investment and partnership
Diaspora investors
Ghanaian entrepreneurs and innovators
Government officials and policymakers
Financial institutions
Other stakeholders in the Ghanaian economy
Benefits of attending:

Access to a wide range of Ghanaian businesses and investment opportunities
Network with other diaspora investors, Ghanaian entrepreneurs, and government officials
Learn about the latest trends in innovation and investment in Ghana
Get insights into the Ghanaian business environment and investment climate
Forum activities:

Keynote speeches by government officials and business leaders
Panel discussions on topics such as investment opportunities in Ghana, innovation in Ghanaian businesses, and the role of the diaspora in Ghana’s economic development
B2B networking sessions
Exhibition of Ghanaian businesses
How to register:

Registration for the forum will open in December 2023 . To register, please visit fill the form below.
Contact information:

GDAAR Foundation
Address : GN – 0788 – 6744
Phone number : +233206988426
Email : gdaarfoundation.org
WhatsApp: +233206988426

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